The report states that Apple is expanding its plans to enter the car market and aims to launch self-driving electric vehicles in 2025.

    The tech company’s rumored automotive project has reinforced his ambitions under the new leadership And it’s pushing for fully self-driving cars without steering wheels or pedals. Bloomberg said. The interior of the car is designed for manual driving. One possible design is for passengers to sit around a U-shaped seat.

    Apple’s under-the-radar car venture, known as Project Titan, was noticeably hit in September when Doug Field, the company’s chief development officer. Lost its duties to Ford, but the iPhone maker appears unfazed by the challenge of entering the highly competitive electric vehicle market. Although there were some high-level leadership changes at Titan this year, Field was the most important among them.

    Bloomberg reports that Apple Watch software executive Kevin Lynch has set ambitious goals in his place. He’s aiming for a fully self-driving car in four years. If the company is able to pull out the self-driving system within that period.

    “We still believe it’s about when Apple gets into EVs. [electric vehicle] competition,” said Dan Ives, an analyst at U.S. investment firm Wedbush Securities. Ives added that Apple would be better off collaborating with rivals like Tesla or Volkswagen because of the challenges involved. Bloomberg reported that Apple had discussed cooperation with manufacturers.

    “We would rather see Apple partners on the EV path than starting their own vehicles/factories. Because profit margins and financial models make sense in the streets. Coupled with strategic product risks associated with such a massive effort,” Ives said.

    The Bloomberg report states that some people working on the project are skeptical about the timeline despite recent progress, such as autonomous driving. processor chip and advanced sensors

    Bloomberg added that the other options would be to delay the release date or initially sell less tech cars. However, reports say Apple has been developing chips intended to be used for autonomous driving systems. Despite looking at the steering wheel-less design, Apple also discussed adapting it to the car with Emergency Access Mode.

    Electric cars are backed by a huge number of investors, helping make Tesla CEO Elon Musk the richest person in the world. And it gave shocking stock market valuations to unproven electric car companies such as Lucid and Rivian, whose market caps compare to decades-old companies.

    One of the car interiors that Apple considers, according to Bloomberg, is similar to “Lifestyle” model Designed by Canoo, an electric car startup Canoo describes it as The vehicle has a U-shaped seat arrangement at the rear.

    Apple has been working on Titan since 2014, but there are few details about the venture. Most of the executive appointments and resignations were used to represent progress. However, in 2015, The Guardian revealed that Apple was working on self-driving vehicles and was exploring safer locations in the area. San Francisco Bay to test

    Apple declined to comment on the Bloomberg report.


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