• Use your social media profiles as a way to express yourself and share personal brand experiences. This builds trust with your audience which will eventually lead to opportunities within the industry you’re interested in eg fashion, beauty, sport, fitness etc.
    • Participate in conversations about brands that you like and share your opinions with the world. If you love a product or brand, it’s likely that other people will feel the same way as you do if they see how passionate you are about them.
    • Interact with influencers within your industry and build relationships this way.
    • Comment on organic posts created by top brands within your industry. When you comment on their posts, they are likely to see your profile and this may lead to future opportunities within the industry.
    • Set yourself goals eg if you have 100 followers by the end of this month, work towards achieving that goal using creative content ideas

    Here are some ideas:

    • Use GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format) in your posts.
    • Use images to get people’s attention.
    • Ask questions in your posts!


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