1. Intro
    2. TikTok and influencer marketing
    3. Why you should care about TikTok
    4. How to find the right influencers
    5. TiChoo — Video E-Commerce Data Analytics Platform
    6. What is TiChoo offering
    7. User guide of how to use TiChoo
    8. How to identify products with the potential to be the top seller?
    9. How to find the right influencers by using TiChoo

    The key challenges in running independent stores are traffic generation, client acquisition, and advertising placement. To boost their brand voice, a growing number of brand sellers are turning to social media and influencer marketing. TikTok, among other platforms, has become increasingly crucial in outreach and campaign efforts.

    This post will discuss why merchants should use TikTok marketing and how to find the right TikTok influencers. We also introduce TiChoo, a data-driven platform that helps merchants in sourcing popular items and finding appropriate influencers.

    TikTok marketing is the practice of promoting a brand, product, or service using TikTok. It can encompass a variety of strategies such as influencer marketing, TikTok advertising, and the creation of organic viral content.

    Although TikTok’s commercialization and branding are still in its early stages, it is possible that if more and more key influencers enter the scene, the TikTok brand will explode fast. According to data, more than 60% of TikTok users in the US are under the age of 29, which is more than any other platform with such a large number of millennials and Generation Z users. This means the power of TikTok cannot be underestimated.

    In addition, While the ad costs are lower, the engagement rate is highest compared with other formats. The visual display and engagement on TikTok are superior to that of traditional e-commerce. SHEIN, for example, has its own TikTok hashtag: #SHEINhaul, where many young fashion influencers would broadcast the outfits they found in SHEIN and recommend to their followers. This type of community can easily boost user retention and strengthen the brand’s voice.

    In 2021, Tiktok has become the world’s most popular online destination in some top performing niches like Health, Fitness, Beauty and Babies. Many businesses have found success marketing on TikTok.

    On TikTok, influencer marketing is likely to be the most effective form of marketing. Mega-stars such as Nisha Guragain, Ariel Martin, and Zach King can make a huge impact on the success of a business since tens of millions of users watch their content every day. Influencers assist businesses to increase brand awareness and build engaged communities. Some merchants sell products and services to target audiences while simultaneously providing customer support.

    Of course, as a small to medium enterprise, you don’t need a high-profile influencer for successful marketing. Instead, trying to source emerging stars or influencers in your niche may be a better choice to save budget. For example, a small cosmetic brand based in Toronto can identify local influencers to harness their impact in GTA.

    Therefore, for influencer marketing to be successful for you, you need to appeal to the right influencers. Here are some key attributes to consider.

    1. Reach. Examine crucial data such as the number of followers and conversion rates of the influencers.
    2. Resonance. Does the video generated by influencers appear genuine and engaging to the audience?
    3. Release. Is the content style consistent with your brand? Does it solve customer pain points?

    If you need help finding relevant influencers, here is the app we would recommend you to try out — TiChoo.

    TiChoo is a Video E-Commerce Worldwide Data Analytics Platform with its mission to empower global sellers, creators, MCNs, and brands to master short video e-commerce marketing initiatives and make product selection easily.

    Powered by AI technology and big data, TiChoo integrates a significant number of TikTok hot-selling products from top-ranking businesses. At the same time, it collects TikTok trendy commercials and videos from across the world and updates collections in real time, assisting merchants in increasing conversion rates and sales growth rates.

    According to the needs of various customer groups, TiChoo provides different special services.

    • If you are an e-commerce seller

    TiChoo enables you to collect video and leading talents, quickly learn successful models, efficiently guide stores, update popular products daily, lead competitors, understand market conditions in real time, discover potentially explosive products, accurately match product sources, easily find the supply chain source. , quickly distribute goods, and comprehensively solve the problems.

    • If you are a creator/MCN agency

    TiChoo can help you find Internet celebrities in different countries, analyze account influence, find high-converting bloggers, monitor account data in real time, adjust operation content and strategies in real time, browse popular materials, stay on top of trending hotspots, and inspire. creative inspiration.

    TiChoo helps you to understand the advertising market, learn user preferences, formulate plans scientifically, efficiently match cooperation talents through multidimensional screening, monitor video data changes in real time, and evaluate communication effects.

    1. When on the homepage, click Products in the navigation bar. You can see the search engine and a variety of filtering features that allow you to narrow down the products that meet your demand. When you’ve found what you are looking for, click the product.

    2. After entering the product page, on the left-hand side, you can view the product name, price, category, SKU, commission rate, shipping information, and store details.

    – Click the button next to “Updated within 1 hour” to manually update product data. After about 1 hour, the website will automatically sync your data.

    – Click the star symbol to follow the item.

    – Click the shopping bag icon to add products to the upload list with one click (not yet open, this function will be updated in the future).

    3. In the Basic Analytics section, you can select the dimension of 7 days/15 days/30 days to see the product overview (such as total sales volume, short video playback volume, number of relevant creators, number of relevant videos.)

    4.Click Product Video Analyticsyou can see the classification of the video with the goods, sales trends, and the specific information of each video, which can be sorted according to the release time, the number of plays, the number of comments, etc.

    5. In the Creator Analytics section, you can filter based on characteristics such as who has the most followers or who receives the most likes.

    6. Click Comment Analyticsyou can browse product review scores and even sort reviews by the time they were written.

    1、Search & contact influencers

    When you go to the Creator page, you can see the search engine and many filtering tools. You can find suitable creators from relevant countries/regions and categories through multidimensional filtering.

    When you find a creator you like, go to his/her homepage. Usually, you can find their contact information.

    2、Evaluate analytics based on data

    On the same page, you can also see Basic Analytics, Video Analytics and Marketing Analytics. You can explore each of them to get more analysis for this creator.

    There is also a tool for comparing different creators. Click the PK button on the creators you wish to further study and compare.

    With the help of these powerful tools, you will be able to source the right products and influencers that match your brand.

    So far, we have covered the importance of TikTok and influencer marketing, as well as how to leverage data and analytics for product sourcing and marketing decisions using platforms like TiChoo. Without doubt, data and analytics will play an increasingly crucial role in the future, assisting merchants with better insights, targeting and performance.


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