From rising travel bloggers to influential instagram and Tik Tok influencers, we scale hotels in and out of the city of angels
    From rising travel bloggers to influential instagram and Tik Tok influencers, we scale hotels in and out of the city of angels.

    Being located in sunny, exciting and vibrant Bangkok — a region that remains the leading city for entertainment and hotels — hotel ideas and concepts spread at record speed. We’re able to accelerate the already quick word-of-mouth buzz, social sharing, and viral hospitality brand, rooms, or service by utilizing the charisma of influencers in order to “show not tell” through an engaging and personal viewing experience.

    SocialHub Agency works with team of influencer marketing managers, market researchers, and creative directors who are all hard at work in order to guarantee the success of your upcoming influencer campaign — in Thailand and beyond. From local influencer marketing services for one-off projects to an entire performance based influencer plan at a national or global scale, our influencer team knows exactly how to vet, discover, collaborate, and track influencers at scale.

    We’ve got the initiative of a Bangkok startup along with the calculative resources of a global agency that work with hotel brands. Whether your hotel campaigns require performance based influencer marketing or celebrity influencers or travel micro-bloggers to reach your audience, we have you covered. Our ever-growing portfolio of influencers also has people in other niches, verticals, industries, categories… locally or globally.

    We reach from all ends of the travel spectrum

    At SocialHub Agency, we know that just like social media, your influencer program should use both organic and paid strategies. We ensure our relationships with our influencers are continuous — built on a foundation of trust and mutual benefit. We track our Bangkok and global influencers — from Bangkok to Phuket to Pattaya to the rest of the world — with a proprietary technology, ensuring we cultivate relationships with regular communication, comments to post, and “surprise and delight” benefits.

    We have a large net of influencers all in Bangkok, Thailand and several other countries all across the world. Having an extensive network means we’re able to focus on finding you the right fit for your hotel and travel brand. We deliver real ROI by segmenting influencer according to your campaigns, targeting message content and format, and optimizing links and traffic for SEO.

    SocialHub makes influencer marketing an image and engagement medium, and for hotels, a driver for developing additional bookings 100% based on performance.

    So, go ahead, visit our website:

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    Register as influencer to earn commission on generated sales.

    Register as a brand to be seen with help from bloggers and publishers, performance based.

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