SocialHub.Center Launches a 100% Performance Based Plan for Hotel Influencer Campaigns
    SocialHub.Center Launches a 100% Performance Based Plan for Hotel Influencer Campaigns

    In most recent exclusive partnership with the luxury resort, Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa, SocialHub offers the hotel brand a 100% pay-for-performance model for influencer posts on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tik, Media Sites, Blogs, Vlogs and Email. Marketers.

    “Hotel brands are always looking for better performance. Influence marketing is essentially a media of awareness and engagement. With this offer, we cater to the needs of our major hotel clients who want to control their acquisition costs AND their image using influencer marketing,” says Alex PARRY, founder of SocialHub.Center.

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    “SocialHub.Center — The only performance-based influencer & affiliate marketing agency for hotels and travel.”

    We are currently the only influencer marketing company to offer such a service, which combines SocialHub’s experience in influencer marketing with their backround and understanding of hotel management, hotel marketing, social ads and data analysis expertise..”

    The idea is to run classic influencer campaignswhile influencer review properties and share the content on a performance basis.

    SocialHub assumes 100% of the media buying risk

    “SocialHub takes on all the media buying risk while the hotel brand benefits from additional sales (up to 10% more turnover) at a controlled acquisition cost based on revenue, with no surprises, AND with guaranteed brand image respect (validation by the hotel brand). In short, every hotel owner’s dream!” adds Alex Parry.

    Immediate implementation

    On a technical level, the implementation is almost immediate (SocialHub’s solutions will pair up the hotel campaigns with capable and dedicated lifestyle influencers and publishers, while enabling the hotel to generate — increased measurable booking revenue.). This ease should appeal to most hotels.

    This service is available to selected hotels who have an established brand (or hotel brands with interesting campaigns — like “romantic escape”, or “holiday specials” for example).

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    We are proud to announce our new partnership with “Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa”, as their exclusive influencer marketing agency.

    SocialHub makes influencer marketing an image and engagement mediumand for hotels, a driver for developing additional bookings 100% based on performance.

    So, go ahead:

    • Create a profile on SocialHub (social network for brands, influencers and loyal fans).
    • Join the Influencers meets brands group.
    • Register as influencer to earn commission on generated sales.
    • Register as a brand to be seen with help from bloggers and publishers, performance based.

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