When it comes to nightlife, Berlin has a reputation for madness and that reputation is well-deserved. Offering a once in a lifetime experience, clubbing in Berlin is not for the faint of heart.

    Frequently listed among the best nightlife spots in the world, the capital of Germany boasts abandoned factories turned techno clubs, electro DJs, and lively dance floors. Berlin’s club scene also reflects creativity and innovation, attracting party lovers from around the world.

    To have the best possible experience, check out our guide to Berlin’s iconic nightlife!

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    The Best Nightlife In Berlin

    Berghain & Panorama Bar

    6 Clubs In Berlin For A Memorable Night Out

    Photo Credit: Kantine am Berghain

    There’s no doubt in mind that Berlin has one of the best — if not the best clubs in Germany. Arguably, the Berghain neighborhood is like a second name for good parties.

    Set in an abandoned power plant, this enormous and ordinary-looking building is home to Europe’s most famous club, also known as Berghain. It set the golden standard for techno lovers with high-volume music and a prime audio system.

    The club hosts techno DJs every week to ensure you get the greatest experience of Berlin’s nightlife. A techno paradise! If you’re in the mood for groovy tracks, head upstairs to Panama Bar and have a few drinks. Berghain also hosts art exhibitions and provides a live venue called Kantine am Berghain.

    This place is known to be notoriously hard to get into, so dressing up creatively and staying cool will help you get past the doorman. Tip: Avoid taking pictures with your smartphone while in the waiting line, as this can refrain you from getting inside.

    Address: Am Wriezener bhf, 10243 Berlin, Germany


    Carnival-like entrance door to Sisyphos club at nighttime

    Photo credit: Sisyphos

    Sisyphos is located inside an abandoned dog food factory — can this get any cooler? With a vast indoor-outdoor floor plan, a lake, a bus, a lounge area, and several dance floors this spot feels like a whole vacation. With unforgettable parties from Monday to Friday, Sisyphos is recommended for dancing enthusiasts who enjoy techno, electro, and house music. Fun is guaranteed!

    No need to worry about the dress code. This club is pretty casual and relaxed which is also shown in the location – colorful old lamps, kind of kitschy, and stuff scattered everywhere. Even though it’s set in a remote area, ATMs are nearby as well as food kiosks and a snack bar. Definitely worth your time and money.

    Address: Hauptstrasse 15, 10317 Berlin, Germany


    A DJ playing in darkness at Tresor club

    Photo credit: Tresor

    The legendary Tresor has been operating since 1991 and is one of the most famous clubs in Berlin. After the Berlin Wall fell, Tresor emerged and truly defined the city’s techno scene.

    Originally situated in a vault in East Berlin, Tresor had to close in 2005 having difficulty securing a stable lease. After a short period of time, the loved club reopened in 2007 at a new location that used to be an abandoned power plant.

    When you enter Tresor, you’re surrounded by long concrete corridors that reverberate the pumping basslines. The real show-stopper here is the 30 meters long tunnel you can walk through and still hear the music. If you want to switch things up, head upstairs to +4bar or Globus where they play EDM and house music.

    Locals suggest you wear casual black clothes to get in even though bouncers don’t tend to be strict. You might be asked if you know who’s performing, so do your homework and show up prepared.

    Address: Kopenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin, Germany

    Salon Zur Wilden Renate

    Tunnel vision of a DJ area at Wilde Renate

    Photo Credit: Salon Zur Wilden Renate

    If you ever dreamed of dancing the night away in one of Berlin’s abandoned buildings, Salon Zur Wilden Renate is the hot spot to be. Turned into a massive party house, it swiftly became a breeding ground for the coolest parties in town.

    Renate hosts frequent themed parties so don’t be surprised to see widely decorated rooms. Besides that, partygoers will find a real labyrinth, a trendy coffee shop, a not-so-secret party room in the attic, a summer venue for open-air parties, and several dancefloors.

    The parties are undeniably creative and fun with three different floors – A black room with techno music, Greenroom with house music, and a Red Room with disco music. Plenty of options to find what suits your taste the best!

    Address: Alt-Strlau 70, 10245 Berlin, Germany


    Dance floor with blue lights at Watergate Berlin

    Photo credit: Watergate Club

    Watergate club is famous for providing visitors with the most exciting clubbing experience. With a floating deck terrace and huge windows, you get access to a breathtaking panoramic view of the river Spree.

    Bouncers aren’t picky but if you want to elevate your chances of getting in, it’s better to come in big groups. It’s important to note Watergate is pricier than other clubs in Berlin with an entrance fee of 15€. However, considering the lineup of famous performers, the price remains reasonable.

    Here you’ll find globally successful DJs like Adam Freeland and Eric Morillo. The club has two floors and was the first to offer a responsive LED light system which is one of the focal points of this place. It boasts high-volume house music, techno, and even R&B music.

    Sounds like a perfect weekend party night!

    Address: Falckensteinstraße 49, 10997 Berlin, Germany

    Anomalie Art Club

    Dance floor with red lights at Anomalie Art Club

    Photo credit: Anomalie Art Club

    Unlike most clubs in the German capital, Anomalie Art Club hosts art exhibitions and film screenings along with the best techno DJ sets.

    This Berlin nightclub has two floors and is driven by tech-house music. The setting is great for art lovers looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in the German capital. The club is known for its large open areas, unique aesthetic, and great tunes, as well as the option to spend the day in the beer garden before partying the rest of the night.

    Address: Storkower Str. 123, 10407 Berlin, Germany


    Which city has the best nightlife in Germany?

    Berlin has the best nightlife in Germany, followed by Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Bonn, Baden-Baden, and Dresden.

    Why is Berlin nightlife so good?

    Berlin is a great example of German culture and tradition. The city’s techno scene is very connected to German reunification and celebrating freedom.

    Known worldwide, the Berlin clubs are visited frequently by global party people. The Berlin nightlife will provide you with anything you desire – everyone is catered to, and no one is left out. The trendiest spots are nestled in Oranienburger Straße and Hackesche Höfe where you have close access to lively restaurants, pubs, and a techno club of your liking.

    Does Berlin have good nightlife?

    Berlin is known for its fantastic nightlife, which includes a plethora of bars, pubs, and events, as well as one of the top club scenes in the world.

    What area of ​​Berlin is best for nightlife?

    • Eberswalder Strasse / Prenzlauer Berg
    • Winterfeldtplatz
    • City West
    • Hackescher Markt and Oranienburger Strasse

    What are other great nightlife spots in Berlin?

    • Club der Visionaere
    • KitKat Club
    • YAAM
    • The Curtain Club
    • Flow Bar/Club
    • VOID Club

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