How to Leverage Influencer Marketing for your Hotel Opening
    How to Leverage Influencer Marketing for your Hotel Opening

    How to Leverage Influencer Marketing for your Hotel Opening

    If your new hotel brand does not have a sensible and robust marketing strategy, you’re in for a tough ride. Image branding, reaching out while attempting to speak your potential guests language, selecting the right social media marketing platform for your hotel offers, and finalizing the best marketing strategies, can certainly be a real challenge.

    As there are many ways to kick-start your hotels pre-opening and new opening marketing strategies. Experts agree that influencer marketing is one of the best marketing strategies you can use today. Planning and launching an influencer marketing strategy can become overwhelming, but you can partner with SocialHub Agency who specializes in effective hotel influencer marketing with performance-based options.

    What is Hotel Influencer Marketing?

    Hotel Influencer marketing is a way for hotels to promote their rooms/ services via endorsements, reviews and recommendations by popular social media users or bloggers (influencers). These influencers have many loyal and engaged followers for hotels to tap into and build credibility, resulting in many conversions that drive bookings.

    Although the concept of hotel influencer marketing started several years ago, its landscape has changed through time and revolutionized the whole marketing world for many hospitality and travel providers. Influencers now have many more options to choose from – countless social media platforms, more available content types to use.

    What is a Hotel Influencer?

    As the name suggests, a hotel influencer is someone who has gained strong credibility in the hospitality, travel and lifestyle segments, so much so they have what it takes to make an impact. This power stems from their devoted followers, people who adore them and value their opinions and tastes.

    What they do, think, or even want affects the booking behavior of their followers. Keep in mind that these people do not see them as merely paid endorsers and promoters; the hotel influencers are seen as more of close friends as they are relatable and within reach.

    Why is Influencer Marketing Best for Your New Hotel?

    Billions of people are using social media worldwide, and this figure will increase to almost 60% of the world’s population in 2025, making social media one of the most popular online activities. The market here is simply too big to ignore.

    And, as more and more people join social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok, you’ll find that some of them started to ‘influence’ others by creating, curating, and sharing their own stories, hotel experiences, photos, and videos. Hence, the term hotel influencer. This has led many hotel marketers to search for influencers and influencer agencies to be their ultimate marketing partners. This explains how influencer marketing became an essential part of many hotels’ marketing strategy.

    In short, influencer marketing for hospitality and travel brands is a powerful marketing approach that allows your hotel to reach your targeted guests more effectively and very authentic. And if done correctly, it is especially cost-effective for new hotels and pre-opening hotels. Also, as part of your hotel pre-opening, you’d want to increase your outreach as much as you can and build your hotel’s brand image. So, what is better than influencer marketing?

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    As you know everyone loves free rooms!

    As you may know, everyone loves free rooms!

    It is simple to execute and, best of all, benefits both you and your targeted audience. Book a demo →

    Types of Influencer Marketing

    Your hotel brand and influencer agencies can work together in different ways to develop various creative ideas that can keep your audience engaged and excited. While influencer marketing is all about an influencer sharing and promoting your hotel offers, there are many ways to go about this:

    1. Contests & Giveaways

    As you may know, everyone loves free rooms! As such, a free-room contest campaign or a free giveaway (perhaps a bottle of red or chocolate box) as an option to consider. It is simple to execute and, best of all, mutually benefits both you and your targeted audience. This equates to guaranteed growth via follow-ups, shares, retweets, and comments. This can lead to higher potential conversions and ultimately generate lots of bookings when packaged in a smart way.

    You’ll provide your influencers with a room night plus dinner and a tracking link so that they can earn when sharing to their followers. The contest or giveaway can be based on an upscaled contest or a simple one (ex. the first 50 to book have a chance to win). We recommend keeping it as simple as possible.

    Remember that it is important to understand the whole contest and be as transparent as possible and take extra care for critical responses from those who have not won, SocialHub Agency can help with this.

    2. Free Stays to Obtain Real Reviews

    This involves you contacting a hotel influencer, offering them a free stay. In exchange, the influencer can try your hotel rooms and facilities and create content or a video with a real review, sharing this on their social media channels. The followers will be taking a virtual journey with the influencer around your hotel which is great.

    That said, you’re getting a real hotel review, so this can either work well or back-fire instead. As much as influencers would usually feel obligated to be ‘kind’ in such cases, there are some who aren’t afraid to share with the world of they dislike your hotel; unless you have vetted the influencer and built a long term and performance based relationship with promises of continued work, and this is why working with a hotel influencer agency is a great option.

    Therefore, be careful if you decide to take this approach. You want good and positive hotel reviews so that the followers would be more inclined to book and try your hotel. Keep in mind that this type of influencer marketing usually works better with micro-influencers.

    3. Sponsored Content

    As you know, Google stresses quality content, and even though you may have great and valuable content, there is a risk that your content will not get a lot of traction. This is where hotel influencers come in.

    You should partner with influencers who have followers and good engagement in the travel or lifestyle segment. You then send the influencers a campaign brief that provides the guidelines, expectations, instructions, or concept from your new hotel brand so that the hotel influencers would know your expectations. However, you also need to let the influencers have some creative freedom. After all, influencers do know their followers better than you.

    Your hotel influencer then creates promotional content about your hotels’ pre-opening (opening dates, location, promotion, content, images, videos, posts, etc.) and works towards pushing your hotels’ pre-opening offers everywhere, increasing your outreach to places you never thought possible. Simply put, this type of hotel influencer marketing borrows the influencer’s voice to ‘broadcast’ and reach out to more potential guests. You’ll then be able to get more bookings. With the help from SocialHubwe can track the success of all your hotel pre-opening campaigns and handle the entire process to make sure the influencers have an extra carrot to do well for your hotel.

    4. Performance-Based Hotel Influencer Marketing

    Performance-based hotel marketing is one great way of working with many influencers at a time, what’s more, at a low and risk free cost. The influencers promote your rooms/service on their channels with a unique tracking link provided by SocialHub which they will use. They will then promote via posts and shares with their followers in the hope of redirecting more customers to your dedicated booking page (provided by SocialHub).

    Once a hotel booking is generated, the influencer will get a commission, and you make revenue. It’s a win-win situation.

    5. Long-term Partnership with Hotel Influencer Agency

    Do influencer agencies make that difference, especially with generating bookings?

    It is widely known that micro-influencer followers book hotels recommended by those influencers.

    The way consumers behave in making hotel decisions has opened up countless opportunities for hotel marketers.

    So, yes, influencers do make a difference with your hotel revenue; there is great value from influencer marketing, making this a solid ROI, especially if you can track long-term efforts. However, you need to implement influencer marketing in a focused, strategic, and effective manner and working with SocialHub is highly recommended.

    7. Long-term Hotel Ambassadors

    Hotel ambassadors are hotel influencers, and as the name suggests, long-term hotel ambassadors work with your hotel for an extended period. So, it is like having a long-term partnership with a hotel influencer which can last for several months to more than a couple of years. In short, the influencer is the ‘face’ of your hotel.

    A hotel ambassador actively shares and promotes your hotel’s content in various formats, such as photos, tweets, videos, and articles, through their social media channels. This can help imprint your hotel’s image into the ambassador’s audience, which helps boost awareness.

    A stronger relationship with the influencer would mean more trust, credibility, and authenticity in the eyes of the audience, make sure to work with a hotel focused influencer agency for best results.

    Benefits of Influencer Marketing for New Hotels

    For hotels of all sizes, part of hotel groups or independent, influencer marketing can do so much for your hotel brand, especially since it opens the doors to new audiences. It is unique because people can relate to influencers and believe that influencers understand them better than even their friends.

    Also, influencers get personal with their followers. This one-on-one interaction fosters a positive, long-term trust between influencers and their followers. As such, followers engage with influencers more over time.

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    So, go ahead and start leveraging influencers for your hotel today!

    So, go ahead and start leveraging influencers for your hotel today!

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