1. Find them through a relevant niche hashtag.
    2. Ensure they hit a certain follower count
    3. Ensure they have the right keywords in their bio
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    Followers and authenticity

    Engagement rate

    Past performance


    • Instagram: 1–2 posts per week and 1–2 stories every day, on average.
    • Youtube: 1–4 videos per month, active in their YouTube community every day.
    • TikTok: 1–3 posts per week

    Growth Rate

    Brand Alignment

    Engagement Quality

    • Emoji-only comments
    • Sudden spike in the number of likes
    • Generic comments like “Nice photo!” or “Love this ❤️”
    • Comments and likes from accounts with no profile pic
    • Comments and likes from accounts with meaningless usernames eg: “@lyb08a”

    Content Creation Ability

    Charisma and Connect

    Activity Type

    • Instagram: Photos, Videos, Reels, Stories
    • TikTok: Videos of varying lengths
    • Youtube: Normal videos, Shorts, Community posts

    Well connected — Tags


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