Pela Editor Review: Best Compostable Phone Case

    I opted in for the BOGO deal and received two Pela cases within a few weeks. I recall it took some extra time, because the brand was becoming so popular—but when I received them, it was well worth the wait.

    It’s been over two years since I got the cases, and they’re still in great shape. Not to mention, they’ve definitely saved my phone more than once. (As we’ve established, I have a knack for dropping things.)

    They do exactly what they’re designed to do: protect your phone. But in addition to that, I like knowing they’re good for the environment, so when I do eventually swap mine out for a new one (which will be a Pela!), they’ll break down naturally, instead of sitting in a landfill or polluting our oceans for years. Plus, I’ve received many a compliment on both of them.

    My single complaint is that the material used for my particular cases doesn’t allow PopSockets to stick—but some of their newer models don’t have that issue. Just something to consider if you like using those.

    Overall, I’m just happy I’ve been able to successfully keep my current phone in good shape for two years, which, given my track record, is quite the feat.



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