Why hotel and travel brands should consider performance-based influencer marketing?
    Why hotel and travel brands should consider performance-based influencer marketing?

    It is widely known that the spending on influencer marketing have skyrocketed in the recent years and will continue to increase the next few years, Business Insider writes that the sector will reach $15 billion annually by 2022. This means that influencer marketing cannot be ignored and pushed. aside as something only big hotel brands and luxury hotels use to create awareness via popular influencers and bloggers.


    Let’s be clear, Influencer marketing for hotels will continue to be a great way to build awareness for brands with big marketing budgets. But all hotel brands, as well as independent hotels (small and medium sized hotels) and local hotel brands will benefit even more from performance-based influencer marketing, similar to other types marketing channels like online travel agents, third-party agent sites and online. advertising.

    Many hotel brands are now looking for ways to add influencer marketing to their marketing efforts, and when done right, the results have shown to be better than many of the popular sales channels and advertising channels such as Google ads and Facebook advertising.

    Making influencer marketing work for hotels

    Many hospitality and hotel brands have ignored influencer marketing as a possibility as they used to think that they cannot transparently track conversions and results. However that is about to change thanks to “SocialHub’s Influencer Agency” with performance-based marketing for hotels that is easily integrated into any hotel brands influencer management and marketing efforts.

    The foundation for successful performance-based hotel influencer marketing is the ability to track and measure its success and the ability to view results and metrics specific to each individual influencer and hotel offer / campaign. SocialHub can do this by providing each influencer with unique trackable URL for each campaign that is set with our designated booking page for the hotel. Both the hotel brand and the influencer can view the results (bookings) in real-time and the results can be seen as soon as the campaign starts.

    Thanks to this approach, hotel brands (via SocialHub Agency) are now able to make agreements with influencers based on sales conversion, but the unique tracking link and script can also be used to track metrics such as engagement, pay per click and performance. So the performance-based compensation to the influencer is tied to sales as well as engagement, making SocialHub’s performance-based tracking system able to report, and pay publishers (influencers, bloggers, vloggers and email marketers), for real tangible results, thus SocialHub. can offer the same, if not better results than other potential partnerships and performance-based sales channels can offer the hotel sales & marketing teams.

    Building targeted influencer-and-hotel-brand relationships

    Hotel brands can now integrate their influencer marketing efforts as a performance metrics that can be compared to other marketing channels in ways that was not possible before.

    With SocialHub’s result driven influencer marketing hotels can now work with nano- and micro-influencers with very targeted and travel-relevant audiences. The power of an ongoing influencer marketing plan with several nano- and micro- travel-influencer reviews will be more important than ever; especially considering when the majority of guests say they would follow the recommendation by a micro-influencer.

    The Kicker; By working with travel influencers and bloggers that can be paid for real results instead of the number of followers, hotel brands can finally build more meaningful and long-term relationships with the influencers with a win/win approach that is far better than betting your entire marketing budget on the top five online travel agents; (you know who we mean).

    Improving hotel marketing campaigns based on data

    With SocialHub’s influencer marketing agency, room and travel providers will significantly reduce their commissions and marketing costs based on real-data over time.

    When a hotel brand have a long-term approach to influencer marketing, the data is collected and results can be measured which leads to better knowledge and outcome. It’s even more valuable when every influencer can learn how their own specific actions and efforts translates to better results with higher commission and earnings when promoting and reviewing hotels.

    “When the hotel influencers are paid to adapt based on metrics and actual earnings, and the hotels themselves are aligned with their strategies and offer better support based on data, all stakeholders will benefit”

    A new world of opportunities

    Lastly, other than the previously mentioned benefits, when integrating performance-based influencer marketing into your hotel marketing strategies your hotel is open to a new world of opportunities. By working with SocialHub to compare the influencer results with your hotel brands other conventional marketing efforts, your marketing team can quickly adjust their marketing plans when it comes to multi-channel tracking, KPI’s, and reporting.

    A new world of opportunities

    The bottom-line is, when a great outcome from a well-planned, and performance-based influencer campaign becomes obvious, and the hotel brand pays a higher but result-driven compensation to each of their influencers, the brand will have a stronger bond. and brand-loyalty will be built with guests as well as influencers and bloggers, leading to authenticity and reliable results.

    SocialHub Agency | More bookings via influencers, bloggers and affiliates based on performance.

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