• Aki Network will be officially launching its first two seasonal collections of AkiBadge on Sept 16th.
    • AkiBadge NFTs are seasonal and dynamic. They can be minted and leveled up based on the performance stats on Aki Platform.
    • Different types and levels of AkiBadge NFTs will unlock different amount of rewards and benefits.

    In early June, we officially launched Aki Network and released Aki InScore, Aki Profile, and Campaign Engine.

    Since then we hosted 4 trending and 8 workshop campaign events, and brought 5-digit active users to every trending event partner. So far, more than two thousand micro-influencers and referrers have been attracted to our platform.

    We know it is because of you, every Aki referrers. And we want you to know that your participation and the efforts you make are recognized and worthwhile. It always lies at the heart of Aki Network to reward you and support you.

    Therefore, we are releasing AkiBadge — two sets of dynamic NFT collections — on Sept 16th for network contributors. Rewards will be ready for claiming soon afterwards. On top that, AkiBadge may also give you access to network governance later and unlock more benefits along the way.

    AkiBadge is series collections of dynamic NFTs for the contributors of Aki Network. They set the foundation to support Aki referrers and reward them for their promotional efforts on Aki.

    AkiBadge encourages every promotional force to keep contributing to the network by offering cyclical NFTs.

    On Sept 16, we are going to release two seasonal badges:

    Seasonal Force: Star Referrer

    Seasonal Force: Star Finder

    NFTs can be minted and leveled up based on performance statistics on Aki Network. And rewards can be claimed soon afterwards in late September, based on the type and the level of the AkiBadge you hold.

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    AkiBadge in the make. Different levels in the same collection will have different visual effects. More to come on the release date.
    • Anyone who ranks top50 referrer based on total user conversion number in at least one of our whitelisted campaign events in the June — September season is eligible for minting. Seasonal Force: Star Referrer NFT badge
    • Anyone who refers and converts wallets that reach at least 100k total USD value is eligible for minting. Seasonal Force: Star Finder NFT Badge.

    For season 1, the whitelisted campaigns includeEthSign, SynFutures V1, SynFutures V2and Amulet.

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    Season 1 (June — September) Whitelisted Campaigns

    Yes! AkiBadge is dynamic and can be leveled up based on your performance stats.

    • Every time you rank top50 for a new whitelisted campaign, you will be able to level up your Seasonal Force: Star Referrer NFT badge.
    • Every time the USD value of your total referred and converted wallets reaches another 100k, you will be able to level up your Seasonal Force: Star Finder NFT Badge.

    Please note that you need to manually level up your AkiBadge on your console. [link will be provided later] on our official website. Though you can choose freely when to mint or level up your AkiBadge, it is very important that you do so before the snapshot day, since your total claimable reward is based on your AkiBadge metadata by then.

    We will talk about the math behind the reward calculation and distribution in a separate article.

    But again, the gist is your total claimable rewards depend on your wallet snapshot before the Reward Claiming Window opens. See below the important dates for the first season.

    These two AkiBadge collections are seasonal. We will start all over again from September 18th for the second season. You should follow our twitterjoin our telegramand hang out on our website often for more information about projects and the upcoming campaigns. (There might also be more AkiBadge collections released in the future. Who knows?)

    For this season, you still have a chance to win an AkiBadge by participating in the AmuNation Points Collector Campaign.

    You may ask:
    Hmm, seasonal… so AkiBadge is not all that valuable, I guess?

    We will not give you any immediate or direct answer.

    But well, first, you can claim money rewards almost immediately if you are an AkiBadge holder above certain level; second, seasonal badges generate many possibilities in the future; third, there is an upper limit to the total amount each season.

    You do the math. You do the guess.

    Overall, participation is the key.

    • AkiBadge Minting Window: starting from Sept 16th, 2022 00:00:00 UTC
    • Rewards Claiming Window: Sept 24th 00:00:00 UTC — Dec 16th, 2022 00:00:00 UTC.
    • Snapshot Time: Sept 30th 23:59:59 UTC


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