Have you ever purchased a product after watching the reels on social media platforms? Or I would say, how often do you buy products after being influenced by an influencer?

    Well, the answer is, of course, yes, many times.

    This exact behavior is the halo effect. When an individual judges the entire personality of a person by a mere trait, it is called the halo effect.

    According to Britannica, “a“halo effect” is an error in reasoning in which an impression formed from a single trait or characteristic is allowed to influence multiple judgments or ratings of unrelated factors”.

    In today’s digital world, the impact of the halo effect can be seen everywhere, especially in Gen Z. Through mere 5 to 10-second video can influence them. This involvement evolves a new term in marketing- Influential marketing.

    Let me elaborate to wipe out all your confusion.

    Today people spend their free time on various social media platforms. Reels, stories, and video contents engage them for a longer time. We follow “influencers” with the illusion that they are subject matter experts.

    We want to live like them, we develop the perception that they are perfect and we aim to achieve their skills through all possible means. This judgment about them being perfect in every scene is nothing but a Halo effect.

    Impact of the halo effect in marketing strategies.

    1) Social media influence

    The audience is continually exposed to the same type of material and product promotion by the influencer on social media platforms, which makes them think that the products and services have genuine reviews and develop the desire to purchase the product that the influencers are using. As a result, through what we would refer to as online word-of-mouth marketing, businesses can expand their market share. Influencer marketing can build trust, which is beneficial for the brand’s growth and success.

    2) Brand endorsement

    Major marketing strategies and brand endorsements are planned on the Halo effect. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan endorsing Olay as an antiaging cream, force us to believe it to be the most suitable product. Not only this she endorses Prestige cookware, making it the most preferable cookware on the market.

    Olay’s demand can be justified as “The Miss World” is using a particular cosmetic for her beauty. But the increase in the demand for Prestige cookware in the market is a sheer example of the Halo effect. We perceive the belief that if Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is using it then nothing can be better than that. We develop a certain faith in that brand and this eventually increases the brand value in the market.

    3) Competitive advantages

    Performing the right marketing strategy can give you a competitive advantage. But how is this related to the Halo effect?

    TATA has some emotional connect with the people of India. Even a new product that comes into the market immediately captures the market share. We believe TATA as a brand to be the best. No matter what, we prefer TATA over other brands. This psychology is based on the Halo effect.


    There is a huge market that runs on influence marketing. The general psychology behind influential marketing is the Halo effect. Our behavior and decision-making ability can be ruled by the influencers through the bubble of perfection that they hold.


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