Coach Lori Wagner

    As entrepreneurs, we sit down and plan out what our needs are. These things can be website, marketing plan, computer, tax software, etc. Transformational coach is not often on that list.

    Why not?

    Because people often have no idea WHY they need one.

    I sat down and interviewed Coach Lori Wagner about what a transformational coach does and what effects it can have as a force multiplier for an entrepreneur’s business. Lori is retired military and completed a rigorous John Maxwell Leadership Course as well as becoming Napoleon Hill Foundation certified. Here are her thoughts:

    “All of us start businesses that are based on our own behaviors. If we are cheap with money and have poverty mindsets, the business will reflect that. We will not invest back in the business, we will see things as being expensive all the time and we will hoard our profits.

    If we have trauma or trust issues, we might be rude to clients, snap at vendors or not be very warm on the phone.

    If we have severe impostor syndrome and low self esteem, we will be rooted in fear of expansion or have constant anxiety of success, growth, and hiring staff members.

    Our businesses run off OUR own mental patterns. They are often affected by our own bias, fears, perspectives, and believe it or not, traumas.

    A transformational coach focuses on the breakthrough moment. They gather info through writing or video calls and they really pay attention to verbiage, attitudes, thoughts, perspectives. By doing this, they can pinpoint with accuracy exactly where the limits and weaknesses are in the client’s behavior.

    At this point is the breakthrough. The moment at which the coach can say, “This is what you are doing that’s causing this result and these are the actions you can take to fix it.”

    A transformational coach can be invaluable for your business performance and help you get past your own limitations that are self taught.

    Here are 5 reasons why you should SERIOUSLY consider hiring a transformational coach in 2022:

    1. They will have a unique perspective that is FREE of your fears, hesitations, or personal bias.

    2. They have access to resources and exercises that you do not.

    3. They can assess, diagnose, and create a plan that will help you break out of problem behavior that affects business.

    4. They will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.

    5. A good transformational coach will help you reach that breakthrough moment that could be the ONE THING you need to realize in order to achieve at a level you fear.

    So as you sit down and think about what your business needs, I highly recommend considering a transformational coach as part of your business growth plan. A breakthrough moment can truly be life changing.”

    — Coach Lori Wagner
    To Contact Coach Lori, message her on FB:

    1*j69dAB5QazCErs w9qcEWw


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