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    I am reading so many articles about being a successful blogger, and it seems so sterile and scientific. That’s not what I want, I don’t want to have a search engine optimization AI write my headlines. Now that I’m reading blogs, I think more about what I write, and what the reader wants, and what the algorithm wants. Maybe I should tidy up the two hundred and twenty something posts before this one before I worry about the next one. Someday i do want to clean it up, stitch it together and make something bigger, but I also want to “strike the hammer while iron is hot”.

    At first, last year, I opened medium, typed my fucked up shit into it, didn’t even proofread or spell check anything and let it fly. Now i write it into google docs, overthink it, and let it sit.

    Jerry Garcia said that the Grateful Dead rehearsed onstage (in front of an audience), which one could think of as unprofessional. They were lucky to have a very dedicated and patient audience that would bear with them. I don’t care if the lyrics were fucked up if the Improvisational part after them is interesting, that’s what I’m in it for most of the time.

    The most meaningful audience feedback i was getting came when i was rehearsing onstage (in the sense that i was practicing writing in the open).

    It’s not that I don’t want to be successful, I just don’t want to dull my edge, or sterilize my voice. I don’t know what affiliate marketing is, and I don’t want to know… that sounds awful, it sounds like circling back to touch base on an elevator pitch or some horrible soft skills corporate jargon. Fuck!

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    I learned to make graphics, too.


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