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    Nova Pupa | Nano Influencer Marketing | Online Casino Promotion | Case Study 1

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    Case Studies: Nadim, CEO, Nova Pupa BV – Industry: Nano Influencer Marketing, Salestech, Adtech, SaaS. – Website: www.novapupa.comLocation: Verdunplein 17, 5627SZ, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Time frames: The study was conducted over the whole year of 2021. – Publication date: November 14th, 2022.

    About nova pupa

    Nova Pupa is a Nano Influencer Marketing portal backed by AI & blockchain technology revolutionizing & pioneering the future of digital advertising. Nova Pupa (formerly Buddy Marketing) is still the first company in the world to offer true nano influencer marketing. Nano influencer marketing proves time and time again to be the most effective form of advertising known to mankind.


    Nova Pupa unlocked the holy grail of marketing; Nano Influencer Marketing. Businesses of any size & budget can now profit from the intimate relationship between friends and family of ordinary people around the globe. Set the prices you wish to pay per nano influencer, compose a sophisticated target audience & penetrate any online WEB2, WEB3, Metaverse or niche platform. Nano Influencer Marketing beats any form of advertising and is only available on

    $20 Campaign hiring 40 nano influencers for $0.50 each

    The final results:

    Nova Pupa unlocked the holy grail of marketing; Nano Influencer Marketing

    What are nano influencers?

    Nano Influencers are regular people, with 100 to maximum 1.000 friends/followers, promoting products or services on their personal social media channels. With nano influencer marketing you are leveraging the power of intimate relations between friends and family.

    Strategy & goals

    For this campaign I chose article marketing. A remarkable story about a lady winning big money at an online casino. The potential clients get excited when they read about a person winning big money. I signed up as an affiliate on Golden-Star Casino and implemented my unique affiliate link in the article. The nano influencers share the article on their personal Facebook account. For this campaign I did not specify a specific target audience like age, gender or country.

    Short-term Goals: Provide new clients for Golden-Star Casino.

    long-term Goals: Use the minimum possible amount of resources to get maximum results. Achieve unprecedented ROAS with nano influencer marketing.


    Golden Star Casino, www.goldenstar-casino36.comTarget Market: USA, Canada

    Resources used:

    $20 used to pay for the nano influencer campaign on (Now Free blog created on

    Steps taken:

    1. Create an affiliate account with Golden-Star Casino.
    2. Create a free blog with
    3. Publish the remarkable casino article on blog and insert affiliate links in the story.
    4. Set up a nano influencer marketing campaign on
    5. Review and approve the nano influencer’s “work”.
    6. Cash in from the success!

    Businesses can now profit from the intimate relationship between friends & family

    With a single $20 campaign Golden-star Casino saw:

    7500% Return on Advertising Spending

    The nano influencer marketing campaign via buddy (now has proven a 75x return on the campaign spending. Only $20 was spent on the campaign and over $1.500 was generated in revenue.

    $1.500+ revenue generated

    The Golden-Star casino made more than $1.500 revenue directly from the nano influencer marketing campaign that cost only $20.

    313 ENGAGEMENT on facebook posts

    Over 300 people engaged (like, comment, share, click link) with the Facebook posts.

    52 leads and 6 signups

    More than 6 people turned into paying clients by uploading money to their account and playing the games. I still earn money as an affiliate from these referrals till this day.

    11,5% conversion rate (lead -> FTD)

    Beating all industry averages with an epic 11.5% conversion rate hereby demonstrating the power of nano influencer marketing in crystal clear numbers. I purposefully chose to not target a specific audience mainly to invigorate that point.

    In the end, with Nova Pupa, Golden-Star Casino made significant, sustainable improvements to its business strategy. Golden-Star Casino no longer conducts any in-house prospecting, which allows the business operations team to focus on higher-value tasks. A reliable source of high quality leads has resulted in accelerated goals, and organizational changes that optimize new processes.

    Nano influencer marketing beats all industry standards in terms of conversion rate & I chose to not target an audience with this case study just to invigorate that point.

    Nova Pupa only

    Buddy Marketing was the first company in the world to offer nano influencer marketing, since 2017. And till this day, Nova Pupa is still the only company in the world that offers the holy grail of marketing.

    A very high conversion rate is higher than 10%, with a small percentage of businesses obtaining 11.45% on average, while this number varies based on industry and channel. Reaching a conversion rate of 5.31% or higher can place your company among the %25 best performers, making your conversion rate twice better than the average conversion rate.

    Take into account that the casino leads via content marketing is cold acquisition and there was no strategic time/day scheduled for the Facebook posts, on top of that, the campaign was not targeted, and still the results are unbeatable.


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