Elsa Hosk stars in Zeynep Arçay resort 2023 campaign. Photo: Yulia Gorbachenko

    Turkish brand Zeynep Arcay features Elsa Hosk as the face of its resort 2023 campaign. Yulia Gorbachenko is responsible for capturing the leading model posing in front of a studio backdrop in these photographs. The collection features items such as body-hugging pants with bralette tops, form-fitting dresses with revealing cut-outs, and more.

    Zeynep Arcay Resort 2023 Campaign

    Dressed in a red top and pants, Elsa Hosk fronts Zeynep Arçay resort 2023 campaign. Photo: Yulia Gorbachenko

    Zeynep Arcay, who is in charge of creative direction, also participates in the shoot’s styling. In one of the photographs, Elsa Hosk strikes a stance while wearing a red bustier top and pants. Another image of note is one featuring a blue knit dress with long sleeves and a cut-out at the hip.

    Model Elsa Hosk poses in black mini dress from Zeynep Arçay resort 2023 collection. Photo: Yulia Gorbachenko

    In addition, the blonde shows off a light-colored mini dress with sequins. Hairstylist Ruslan Nureev creates her tousled bob-length tresses, her makeup is done by Leah Darcy, and Ashlie Johnson does her manicure. Want to see more of Elsa Hosk? See her in front of the GCDS fall 2022 campaign.

    Elsa Hosk poses in knit design for Zeynep Arçay resort 2023 campaign. Photo: Yulia Gorbachenko
    Zeynep Arçay unveils resort 2023 campaign with Elsa Hosk. Photo: Yulia Gorbachenko


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