Pancakeswap Clone Script:

    Pancakeswap Clone Script is a Defi Exchange Script that functions similarly to Pancakeswap and is built on the Binance Smart Contract chain. With the help of features like Automated Market Maker, Staking, NFT, Lottery, Yield Farming, Exchange, IFO, Liquidity pools, and Voting, you may get profit from the Pancakeswap clone. Our Pancakeswap clone script is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) powered DEX built using BSC for the swap of BEP-20 tokens. Hivelance is a top-notch DeFi development company that provides a Pancakeswap clone script containing Certik audited features and Smart Contracts that enables customers to create their own decentralized exchange platform similar to Pancakeswap.

    How to start Defi exchange like Pancakeswap using Pancakeswap clone script

    Features provided by Pancake Clone Script:

    Staking and Yield Farming:

    When cryptocurrencies are kept in the liquidity pool, the yield farming process is accelerated by providing liquidity to DeFi platform users and traders in exchange receives rewards in the form of PancakeSwap’s native CAKE token.

    Exchange Process:

    Because the exchange is built on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) technology, order books are no longer used on the trading platform. Like a trading platform, PancakeSwap offers more than just trading and swapping.


    Using Binance Smart Chain, a platform like PancakeSwap offers several NFT integrated features that will let users earn NFTs.


    One of the best aspects of our PancakeSwap clone platform is the ability to swap the BEP-20 token for other tokens, as well as earn and accumulate other cryptocurrencies.

    Lottery System:

    Crypto enthusiasts can now simply take part in the trading platform’s lottery exchange if they own at least one CAKE token from PancakeSwap.

    Liquidity Pool:

    Users can profit from this liquidity pool by putting their tokens in it, contributing to its liquidity, and earning trading commissions from transactions that take place inside the pool.

    Voting System:

    The platform’s token holders are given voting rights so they can participate in its future growth and development.

    If a defect or error is identified by a user, that user will receive credits from the platform.

    Profile Update:

    Users can build and edit their profiles at any moment on the DeFi platform to facilitate trading.

    Why Hivelance For Develop Your PancakeSwap Clone Script?

    Hivelance promises that you may build a safe, robust, and customizable Pancakeswap clone script within 48 hours. Then you can contend with competitors from around the world. Developers and designers with extensive expertise in blockchain and decentralized finance make up our team. As a result, you’ll be able to develop your website more quickly and effectively while taking full advantage of the pancakeswap platform customizations.

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