Mainliners, despite the turmoil in the market, we have some exciting updates to share.

    As anyone who’s worked with software knows, much of the process is writing thousands of lines of code, and we figured we’d spare you the boring details of if-this-then-that… While the rest of crypto has been on fire, we’ve had our heads down building something really special.

    The original mission of Mainline was to bring a level of authenticity to social media that’s been sorely lacking and give businesses the ability to find and vet influencers with real audiences and engagement…

    While also creating a sustainable web3 ecosystem that rewards users for helping a business grow.

    What we’ve discovered is that Mainline is going to be so much more than that. Using the deep engagement scores and reports, we can help businesses and influencers shape, target, and amplify their messaging and community in an entirely new way.

    Mainline eliminates the guesswork of finding the right audience and messaging for a business, allowing them to spend more time creating content their community will love while giving them targeting capabilities social media platforms have long since taken away.

    As we’ve seen web3 projects disappear and web2 businesses struggle this year, we’ve noticed one thing that thriving businesses and influencers have in common…

    Loyal and engaged communities.

    The future of marketing is building trust with a core group of evangelists that excitedly promote your message to their network. From celebrity influencers to micro-influencers (the next big thing) to the average social media user.

    This puts Mainline at the center of the community and influencer marketing revolution that’s happening right now and makes us the go-to source for authentic voices and conversations during a time when trust is at an all-time low.

    After running the numbers, considering user adoption rates and speed of implementation, we decided it was in the community’s and Mainline’s best interest to prioritize the decentralized compute and Data Broker rewards program before creating a data marketplace. This will allow more users to earn greater rewards and fill an important infrastructure need to deliver the product with a higher quality of service.

    This shift will give Mainline Fortune 100 server capabilities at a fraction of the price while offering better rewards to community Data Brokers (DBs). Community members who wish to earn MAIN can sign up as a Data Broker and lend their unused computer resources to help Mainline run audits & reports for clients. In return for this service, DBs will earn MAIN, which they can then stake for USDC rewards.

    Rather than paying exorbitant server fees to the big tech companies, we’d rather reward our community members. We believe this decentralized compute network is in the true spirit of Web3. The Mainline community can help us grow faster, and we can reward them for providing a valuable service to the business.

    We also believe this system creates a virtuous cycle of growth for everyone. As Mainline grows by onboarding new clients, we can offer more to Data Brokers to help power Mainline. This incentivizes Data Brokers to continue spreading Mainline’s message further, bringing on more clients.

    We’re focusing on client acquisition to launch this Decentralized Computer Model. This year has exposed many flaws in the current crypto environment, namely that businesses that don’t provide a core utility will not survive. We’ve seen countless projects disappear because their revenue model was only based on getting new users to buy into their token. That’s why we’re taking a revenue-first approach to offer a sustainable reward system for community members who believe in Mainline’s vision.

    Below we’ve outlined the new features we’ve been diligently working on the last several months that make Mainline an invaluable resource to any business, web3, and web2, to help grow their influence and community on social media with a fraction of the effort. .

    Advanced User Search:

    Search over 1.5 billion Twitter accounts to find quality influencers. Full feature explanation and walkthrough on Medium.

    Influencer List Segmentation:

    Segment influencers based on their value to different key aspects of your marketing and content strategy. List segmentation walkthrough on Medium.

    Engagement Dashboard:

    Compare, track, and analyze your curated influencers to get the alpha on the best conversations and audience segments worth engaging. Medium article coming soon.

    Quality & Engagement Scoring:

    Get x-ray vision of what’s going on under the surface with an influencer’s following with our patent-pending scoring algorithms. Read the scoring & reports explanation.

    Engagement Maps:

    Visually see the spread of an influencer’s message across their audience and compare with others in your list to see whose audience is real and who’s talking in an echo chamber. Check out the FTX conversation spread here.

    Advanced Engagement Metrics:

    With our deep follower audits, we can show the prominence and quality of the people engaging with the counts in your list. This allows you to search for influencers and their top tweets based on engagement and follower quality so that you know whose Tweets are getting the right people to engage.

    Hyper-Specific Audience Targeting:

    Use our advanced engagement reports to find your best audience segments and know the conversations they care about right now. Then export those lists to Twitter custom audiences and serve ads.

    Top Engaged Tweets:

    See the top tweets from all accounts in your curated lists by engagement and quality while filtering out coordinated engagement. This lets you immediately know what conversations your audience cares about and lets that guide your content creation.

    Mainline Community Amplifier

    The true power of Mainline comes from bringing the core features above into a seamless workflow that allows businesses and influencers to drive real engagement and community growth and then convert those community members into customers.

    We’re currently building the UI/UX that will allow businesses to…

    • SHAPE their messaging by finding the right accounts and knowing which conversations get the most engagement (from real people).
    • TARGET the most engaged audiences with the perfect message based on the conversations they’re already having using Twitter ads (in a way you’ve never seen before).
    • AMPLIFY your efforts in less time using Mainline’s first-of-its-kind engagement tracking.

    Our Shape, Target, Amplify design works in a flywheel fashion where each time you log into the platform, your content creation, community building, and ad targeting get easier. Designed this way, you can continually hone your audience, find new hidden segments of buyers, and increase click-throughs and conversions with messaging that makes your audience feel like you can read their minds.

    The Mainline Community Amplifier will form our self-serve platform’s foundation, giving businesses and influencers the tools they need to grow a hyper-engaged community of buyers.

    As we move into this next development phase, we could use your help. While the self-serve platform is not ready for the public yet, we can deliver on the end result and help businesses and agencies begin growing their communities and turn them into buyers.

    If you know any businesses, web3 or web2, that are actively marketing, running Twitter ads, or believe that having a strong community is necessary for a successful business…

    Reach out to us to become a Mainline Ambassador and earn a commission for referring clients to us.


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