Every year around August and September, our business typically gets a 20–30% influx in repeat or new business. We know it will happen regardless of how we’ve performed in the other months of the year. Over the next few days and weeks into the New Year, millions of people, most likely including you, will purchase a dietary supplement to meet their 2023 resolutions. Brands have already increased their marketing spending to bet you’ll go with their product.

    Like clockwork, google experiences a spike in health related keyword search from December to February

    So why do we expect such an increase in our business during that time? Because our company is a Vitamin CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) that makes the supplements you’re considering purchasing to kick off the new year.

    Other CDMOs like ours have been working the clock preparing to meet consumer demands in the New Year.

    The process of making these products could take between 8–16 weeks depending on the complexity and supply chain constraints, so our customers (over 250 brands) put their orders in 3–4 months before the New Year so that they have the product in time. to deliver to you, the ever so valuable consumer.

    My parents (who I couldn’t be anymore thankful for) started our company nearly three decades ago — I feel like the luckiest person alive, having been born into something that I fell in love with instantaneously and have a tremendous passion for. And with that passion comes a yearning to help everyone make better decisions regarding supplements.

    Could it be due to this new digital age where everyone appears to be a subject matter expert on the topic? It plays a substantial role, yes, and I can’t find any way not to comment on it. However, I find it distressing that so many influencers and companies can easily trade one’s well-being, finances, and ambitions for financial success. In 2023 and beyond, I’d love to see real social responsibility play a more significant part in corporate success.

    But that’s not what this topic is about — it’s about your success in 2023 — It’s for whatever it is you wish to accomplish and to set you on the right path!
    Here are some key reminders I’d like to share to help you make better buying and lifestyle decisions in 2023.

    Here are some key reminders I’d like to share that can help you make better buying and lifestyle decisions in 2023.

    • The marketing process for supplements will look identical across the board, and brands will target us with a variety of tactics to influence our buying decision. It’s important to know what you tend to susceptible of so you can see how brands are marketing towards you.
    • You’ll see a lot of recommendations via a social influence strategy by utilizing podcasters, influencers, or User Generated Testimonials to give social proof. This tactic should not tell you whether a supplement works or doesn’t, but it’s something to be aware of.
    • Typically ads and labels will have claims on the front of the bottle, cutesy marketing, and possibly complex packaging designs. The main idea is to help you, as a buyer, understand how the product will help solve a pain point. Still, sometimes too much packaging is used to cover the fact that the product may not work but reels you in with its presentation. Let’s keep tabs on this and remember that it goes against our new generational views on sustainable packaging and minimizing pollution.
    No matter how pretty the packaging, it all ultimately ends up here.
    • You’ll see many brands promoting inclusivity and diversity in their marketing tactics — I’m all for diversity in the free market, and we’ve gotten some great brands, like Black Girl Sunscreen. But many brands are just crossing the inclusivity and diversity box off their checklist without developing a solution for their target audience. Great companies that take the time to create suitable products for their target audience should be recognized. Disingenuous companies that use such tactics to gain market share shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    But there is one thing that is interdependent on all the points listed above; it’s the one thing that no matter how good the marketing, packaging, and messaging are, you’ll jump off the product if this one thing is not fulfilled:

    Don’t let this simple revelation blow your mind.

    Remember, when you buy a product, you’re hiring that product to get a job done. That job can be for losing weight, gaining muscle, and having more and better sex. Some products specialize in performing that job exceptionally well through the ingredients within and the dosages used.

    If you haven’t realized by now, I’m all for supplements. I’ve seen some work exceptionally well when product development is led with a science-first approach, hence why the pharmaceutical industry will bet its future on the botanical drug (using natural ingredients within a pharmaceutical setting and proof there is a palce for supplements). Specific ingredients work when you’re consistent and can align your habits with the recommended lifestyle changes — like eating right, sleeping well, and exercising.

    It’s your job to do the research and make sure you choose a product that aligns properly with your goals and ambitions for 2023.

    A great resource to get started is Examine.comwhich I have no affiliation with, but they’ve done a great job and deserve the recognition.

    Let me know if there are any questions I can answer by commenting below.

    Good luck and Godspeed navigating this crazy world of supplements.


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