Follow me and I’ll follow you back. Let’s work together on this journey to become passive income millionaires 😎

    The follow-for-follow method doesn’t work. Word of warning for those reading this; I won’t follow you back. Here’s why;

    The follow-for-follow method leads to a shadow ban because your followers followed for a follow, not for content.

    This leads to the headlines of your future articles getting more views for the first hour. But those views have a low click-through rate, and an even lower read rate, leading to fewer views over time.

    This goes across the internet. A post, article, or even website has its quality gauged by how much viewers engage with them. Virility is more or fewer views/engagements. The more engagement per view your content gets, the more your content gets shown, leading to more views. the internet wants engaging content so unsurprisingly engagement is the most important variable algorithms measure. Spam usually gets low engagement which also helps control the quality of content you encounter.

    Virility = Engagement/Views

    Average time on page: this can be compared to reading time on medium. A website that viewers stay on for a long time is likely to be good. Other metrics are judged as well.

    Shares/backlinks: If your post, article, or website is shared a lot — it’s also likely to be quality.

    Comments: This shows your content is interesting. Controversial content often takes off for this reason which has led to adjustments. In the future, I think comments will be more effectively gauged by artificial intelligence for toxicity. Now it is difficult because non-toxic posts can attract toxic comments. Toxicity can be especially hard to identify in very nuanced conversations.

    How do I Get More Followers on Social Media?

    Consistent posting: this is important so your followers don’t forget who you are. They are less likely to engage with your content when they forget why they followed you, dampening your virality.

    Engagement: to get engagement, it helps to engage with others. Think about human psychology and how that mirrors itself on social media. If you compliment someone, they’ll be more comfortable with you. If you ask someone questions, they’ll ask you questions.

    Strong Headlines

    The first step is getting the click. There are a lot of in-depth articles about headlines that you can check out on medium. The second step is…

    Holding their Attention

    You don’t want to give them the answer to your headline too soon. You want to hint at your conclusion and slowly escort your viewers through all of the nuances so they understand your perspective before bringing them to the conclusion.

    A similar editorial style to journalist Johnny Harris can be seen across youtube and medium. *Insert Controversial take*, but let me explain. (30 minutes of explaining every possible angle of the conversation)

    Choose a Niche:

    Posting within a niche helps because as you accumulate followers, they will be interested in all of you’re future articles. This leads to a higher engagement to view as soon as you post.

    Personally, I struggle with this. I like to write about digital marketing, UI/UX, and cryptocurrency. So I chose to post all of these things on my medium even though it hurts my Virality.

    The professional anecdote would be to create a separate account for each niche. I did this previously when I ran Instagram meme pages.

    This is an excerpt from my new eBook which is available on GumRoad for free for the next 24 hours.


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