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    What’s new at Creatorland HQ?

    For our OG members who joined this waitlist last year, THANK YOU for sticking with us as we learn and grow alongside you and ensure we build the ultimate solution for helping creators and professionals in the creator economy grow their careers.

    We’ve spoken to hundreds of creators, talent managers, and brands to deeply understand the biggest pain points in the creator economy. Here’s what we’ve learned:

    1. Creators need more opportunities
    2. Education & Learning from people who’ve found success is in short supply
    3. Networking with other creator professionals is hard, as they are inactive or not at all present on existing solutions like LinkedIn.

    Our solution to these 3 biggest pain points is going live with our first creators during the first week of April. Stay tuned for updates on that as we start releasing creators from the waitlist. Not on the waitlist yet?
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    The Latest from The Creator Economy

    #1: TikTok Introduces Paywalled Content with TikTok Series.
    Allowing creators to create longer videos (up to 20 minutes) and create a series of “premium content.” Creators will be able to set custom prices for their series. TikTok series is an opportunity for educational series, mini tv series 👀, and more.

    #2: Zach King takes us along his Production Process with celebrities on Twitter.
    “For any other creators that want to work with actors or celebrities in their videos, here’s a thread on what our production pipeline typically looks like at my studio.”

    #3: YouTube backs off strict Profanity Regulations.
    YouTube rolled out an update last November that said that videos that contained swearing in the first 15 seconds may be ineligible for monetization.

    #4: Head of YouTube, Neal Mohan explains algorithm changes & new product features in this interview on YouTube.
    Neal says they’re working to keep YouTube a platform that supports their creators to make careers from their talent, and new algorithm changes are designed to reinforce that.

    Breaking Down our Viral Youtube Short

    8.4m views on a YouTube Short & 12.4k new subscribers in 2 weeks, here’s how that happened.

    We went viral for the first time with this YouTube Short. This video received 8.4m views over 2 weeks. It was 0:21 seconds long.

    Here’s what we learned.

    In the Short on YT, Caytie (our social manager) used hooks to grab viewers’ attention. By introducing the concept in the first 2 seconds and using visual hooks, 81% of viewers were immediately engaged.

    % Viewed VS Ignored of “Harry Styles Rips His Pants”

    The structure of the video also resulted in nearly 100% of viewers watching the entire Short. Sometimes more than once.

    100% watch time for 80% of viewers of the Short = massive distribution

    The structure she used: Hook preview, hook summary, the topic of the Short (Harry’s pants rip), follow-up hook (Jennifer Aniston), conclusion. All in 21 seconds!

    We also saw 4100% subscriber growth on our YT channel. So far because of this Short, we’ve seen subscribers grow by 12.4k. YouTube Shorts might be one of the best ways to grow your audience right now.

    Share your success stories on socials with us at [email protected] for a chance to be featured in our next newsletter!

    What people are saying

    We asked a few creators what they’re looking forward to about Creatorland. Here’s what Sciarra & Beth shared with us. Share your expectations with us at [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our site or next newsletter!

    I was so excited to join Creatorland because I have been looking for a way to network and build a community with other creators. It can be hard to meet other creators when we are all so busy with working all of the time. Creatorland has provided me with the opportunity to build my community and help each other grow. @sciarramusic || Artist / Songwriter || 175k on TikTok

    I joined creatorland to meet other creators who have the same mindset as me in creating and building each other up on our social medias. Being a Pro creator means I’ll be starting new things all the time, that may or may not work for me and my niche. Being a part of a community that can help me answer questions or just be there for me, means I don’t have to do it all alone.
    @creativemua.beth || Makeup Artist || 497k on TikTok

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