Gen Z

    I’ve been accused of being obsessed with Gen Z! And why not? This is a demographic that is punching above its weight when it comes to culture, lifestyle, and fashion. As marketers, we better pay attention.

    Gen Z is beginning to flex its muscle. They’re not kids any longer — here in America, we just had our first member of Gen Z elected to Congress! They are ready to make an impact on the world.

    This is by far the most-studied generation in history, and with good reason. They are about to become a massive group of consumers.

    On the latest episode of The Marketing Companion podcast, I had help de-coding the brands that are best interacting with Gen Z. Sara Wilson has been studying how the best brands are engaging with this generation and if there could be a common formula for success.

    Meeting Gen Z on their terms

    In the latest podcast episode, we cover a LOT of ground, including these 12 ways brands are flexing to meet Gen Z on their terms:

    1. Media-first brands. Not just content for marketing, content becomes the brand.
    2. True community serves as the “crux of commerce”
    3. Relevance to cultural moments created in niche online communities
    4. An “unhinged” or “un-finished” aesthetic. Undone is the new authentic
    5. Consumer products are the new “fashion flex”
    6. Tight integration with influencer culture
    7. Nostalgia marketing, even beyond their life experiences. Faux-stalgia!
    8. Small and intimate is the new defining feature of the GenZ internet.
    9. Entertainment and education are the primary ways to connect to GenZ in their closed-off spaces.
    10. The influencer/creator is driving the marketing ROI, including creator-led brands.
    11. The product is the content, designed to be shared.
    12. Reactive social listening. Jumping on memes quickly, as they are happening

    Sarah is the co-author of a research report that dissects specific Gen Z brand strategies. You can find The Brand Yearbook here.

    This is a big, big show bursting with new ideas. Ready? All you have to do is click here:

    Listen to AMAZING episode 268

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