Brooke Hagen photographed by Aubrey Chandler.

    Photographer Aubrey Chandler captures inspiration for the upcoming summer months with FGR’s latest exclusive. Starring model Brooke Hagen, the feature focuses all on the eyes. Makeup artist and hairstylist Alisa Glow worked her magic on Brooke, creating eye-catching beauty looks.

    From the vibrant green eyeshadow that pops against Brooke’s brown eyes to the neon orange and sky blue hues that add a playful twist to her look, the makeup choices are bold, daring, and oh-so-perfect for the season.

    Summer Vibes

    Photo: Aubrey Chandler

    Brooke’s blonde tresses were styled in polished waves to complement the colorful eye makeup, adding a sophisticated and glamorous vibe to the whole look. The result is a stunning display of summer beauty that is both vibrant and chic. If you’re looking for more editorial inspiration from Aubrey Chandler, make sure to check out ‘In a Dream.’

    Photo: Aubrey Chandler
    Photo: Aubrey Chandler
    Photo: Aubrey Chandler
    Photo: Aubrey Chandler
    Photo: Aubrey Chandler

    Photographer: Aubrey Chandler
    Model: Brooke Hagen @ The Source Models
    Makeup & Hair: Alisa Glow


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