As a rule, a brand comes to a blogger, through an agency or directly, and asks to advertise their product. A big blogger announces a high price tag or more, and shoots a content demonstrating how cool the new product is, and you need to buy it urgently. The video is shot, the post is published, the blogger gets paid, the “likes” are there, but the result for the brand is unsatisfactory. Why? The question is rhetorical.

    There is a more intelligent strategy for engaging the audience:

    The algorithms are like this:

    The blogger shares that he has started a partnership with a particular brand, and will ask his audience to pounce on questions about the product in some handy format. Then he creates content that answers the most relevant questions.

    We pack it all into beautiful videos, static posts, rils, and run it in paid advertising to expand the reach of the product’s target audience. And then we already see ads everywhere as a famous blogger closes in on potential customers’ questions about the quality of the product.

    The strategy suggests good engagement not only because it covers what subscribers are interested in, but also because they will feel that the blogger created it just for them.


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