Hume’s fragrance-free deodorant clears every checklist of a fully safe, sensitive-skin deodorant: a recipe that skips baking soda (which can be irritating to some skin), but one rich in pre/probiotics for balance and odor mitigation. It also has soothing aloe, as well as diatomaceous earth, kaolin, and tapioca starch to absorb stank and sweat.

    The Best Natural Deodorant for Men, with Baking Soda

    Schmidt’s unscented natural deodorant

    • Key ingredients: Magnesium, coconut oil, arrowroot powder
    • Scented? No

    If your skin reacts negatively to a deodorant, it might be a result of the product’s ingredients. Things like chemicals, alcohol, and perfume can give you a gnarly rash, which is precisely when you should start shopping for something less sciencey. Schmidt’s fragrance-free natural deodorant packs gentle but effective ingredients like magnesium and arrowroot powder, which together neutralize odorous bacteria. It also has coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E, which leave skin extremely nourished and soothed. (Most pits will tolerate baking soda, a terrific deodorizer, but it is something that does give a minority of guys trouble.)

    The Best Classic Deodorant for Men

    Old Spice classic scent deodorant (2 pack)

    • Formula: Synthetic blend
    • Scented? Citrus and clove

    The drugstore staple Old Spice has always offered some of the best deodorants—and the most affordable. You can buy one of their signature sticks for a third of the cost of a boutique brand. If it kept you from reeking like a dog in eighth-grade gym class, it sure as hell can keep you fresh now.

    The Best Antiperspirant for The Gym and Other Sweaty Situations

    Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort dry spray antiperspirant with 48-hour protection

    • Formula: Synthetic blend, with aluminum
    • Scented? Fresh linen

    Profuse sweaters like me require aluminum cover up—knowing full well that it will eventually turn our white t-shirts dingy. And this spray from Dove Men+Care is the one I keep in tow. The spray hits my skin easier than a roll-on antiperspirant, which minimizes stains on shirts. It lasts well into the next day (two full days, if needed), and keeps me oh so comfortably dry.

    The Best Deodorant Cream for Men

    • Key ingredients: Diatomaceous earth, arrowroot powder, sodium bicarbonate, zinc oxide.
    • Scented? Cedar, eucalyptus, orange

    Some folks prefer a finger-applied paste, cream, or balm, especially on trimmed or shaved pits. AKT’s chemical-free, natural formula is good on your skin, and its plastic-free packaging is good on the planet. The odor- and moisture-mitigating ingredient hard at work is diatomaceous earth, while coconut oil, calendula oil, and she abutter nourish the skin.

    The Best Deodorant Wipes for Men

    Art of Sport body and face wipes (10 count)

    • Key ingredients: Peppermint oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil
    • Scented? Minty

    Art of Sport’s tingly mint wipes aren’t just for your pits: They also work on the body—after a workout or particularly punishing workday. (Goodbye swamp ass!) These cloths are individually packed, so that you can tote one in your pocket or gym bag for whenever they’re needed, and so they don’t dry out before you need them.

    The Best AHA Deodorant for Men

    Kosas AHA deodorant serum

    • Key ingredients: Lactic acid, mandelic acid, aloe vera
    • Scented? No


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