Of course, we’re thinking about a few companies, who won the attention competition. Because when a user chooses platform, it’s not about the resource. He actually pays for them with his attention. In marketing, it’s called attention economy.

    Social media is one of the mandatory part of almost every human daily life.

    More than a half of people on the planet uses social media platforms every day: they read the news, working, listen to music, watch the videos, taking courses, lifestyle tips or quick lessons and they do it all without leaving the platform they choose.

    The rise of social media is an example of quickly life-changing. Cause they are a huge part of our usual life we ​​had no idea about less than twenty years ago. And now the phone with internet became a continuation of the human hand. Of course, the best pros of it is that you can keep in touch with people all over the world or found anything just in one click. It obviously makes our life much easier.

    With all that social media progress our life is kinda non-stopping streaming service. In the future, your attention will be sold.

    In twenty-one century, attention became a new currency.

    This currency converts into real moneybut the ones who generate this new currency get pennies, while the main profit goes to the platforms themselves. And bloggers usually have only rights to extract this currency on the platform with their hard work.

    Bloggers help earn platforms, while they are forced to find new ways to sell attention of their own audience. So they can earn some money for themselves.

    And since the platforms shifted their strategy towards depersonalizing bloggers and prioritizing content over creator, the chance to monetize content and save the attention gets lower and lower. And while bloggers trying to attract more sponsors on their account, the risk that your audience will get bored of advertising is getting higher and higher.

    So creators have to choose between creating high-quality content and connecting with the audience or making money.

    Because content creator career is not a guarantee of financial success.

    Let’s look at Meta Corporation. There are a lot of platforms they own –Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and etc. But each of them provides only one or few functions and there are no good ways to monetize your content on Meta platforms. While Instagram makes more than 25 $ from every user per year, bloggers on this platform used to look for brand partnerships to earn money on their content and audience. So in pursuit of money, they start to make a cheap content, which attract badly on their audience.

    Or let’s look at Patreon. It is a subscription-based platform for creators. So the authors receive payments from their fans or how they call them “patrons”. It’s starts from 1$ but the price can be caused by the author, depending on the content their share. Moreover, they can provide exclusive content and benefits for the patrons, so their interest will rise and the chance of them keeping the subscription will be higher.

    It’s just a narrowly focused platform with only one way to monetize your content and creativity. The main difference between Patreon and other crowdfunding platform is that they allow you to receive money only for content that already has been published. So you can’t take payments for the content that doesn’t even exist yet. You can’t just announce your new book or courses and take money for it before you launch them. And Patreon makes more than a hundred millions of dollars per year. While the platform itself is valued at $4 billion, according to Wall Street Journal.

    If we look at the list of average revenue per user, we can see that most expensive users are on TikTok but it provides only one way for monetization. You can use your brand sponsorships too, but if you want to have a stable income from this platform – you should reach at least 100 thousand of subscribers, who will watch your content. Just by making short videos.

    But there are some rules: you should gain some audience and then you can start monetizing your content. But only 50 thousand of bloggers can reach money from YouTube while the platform itself makes almost $7 billion from 2 billion of users. But even the big YouTube bloggers like MrBeast has to spend all the money received from the platform to promote his channel and create new content. And he should look for other ways to earn money for living. So if you’re a blogger with millions of audience doesn’t mean you’re making millions just from your content. You need a loyal audience that will be the purchaser of your personal brand.

    Why do you need to boost your audience if all you can give them is free or low-cost content? You need a loyal audience that is ready to purchase anything from you and will trust to you and your opinion.

    You will forget about all the technical problems and you will stop looking for other ways you can monetize your creativity, because we’ve gathered them all onto our platform.

    It’s been the hardest way technically, but it’s the easiest way for our users.

    And, of course, that’s the difference of Fanzoone from other social media, crowdfunding and subscription-based platforms.

    You can bring your audience from every social media you use and make stable, growing community based on your fanbase on our platform. But we will make it bigger and bigger with algorithms and different ways of promotion inside of Fanzoone.

    The value of the tools we use in our platform is equal to the value of all the popular social media platforms, but the main difference between them and Fanzoone is that our platform is multi-functional.

    One of the significant benefits of the community-focused platform is the ability for bloggers to create exclusive content for the subscribers. And creators can earn up to 15 times more revenue than they would with traditional advertising revenue. This kind of platform can provide bloggers with more control over their content and monetization.

    Fanzoone can help you to build a more engaged and loyal audience by creating a community around your content. In our upcoming articles we will explain each of the monetization methods we provide to influencers on our platform. Stay tuned!

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