Have you ever thought about becoming an influencer? We all sometimes imagine ourselves as a popular blogger, with a millions of audience, who enjoys life, receives gifts, travels and just living his best life.

    With the popularization of social medias in our lives, the world has changed and there are a lot of new ways to become famous. It’s no longer necessary to have any creative talents to build an audience. Influencers showed us that it’s enough just to share emotions, a beautiful picture of your lifestyle, and you can easily become successful.

    There is a client for each seller, a person who will be interested in your everyday life. And the constant updating of content and interaction with the audience creates a feeling of taking part in the life of their favorite bloggers, as if they are close friends.

    Influencers are the best in making a virtual replacement of real emotions that are not available for everyone in real life, but so attractive. They create trends, sell products and influence other people’s opinions. People listen to them, sympathize them and trust to them.

    Influence marketing has become more popular than any other advertising. And it is not necessary to have millions of subscribers, a loyal and solvent audience with similar interests is enough. But that doesn’t mean that influencers get paid simply for their existence. Bloggers day after day create useful and interesting content, which confirms their expertise. This is how they gain the trust of their audience. Why won’t you take some good advice from a person whose experience in a particular area you do trust?

    The sales market over the past ten years has changed significantly due to the increasing influence of social medias. Advertisers have ceased to focus only on a solvent audience, since high income and earnings are not directly proportional to a person’s age. It is enough to pay attention to Forbes Under 30 and see that half of the participants are Under 20.

    Nowadays, most of the influencers are concentrated on social medias. Especially on Instagram, YouTubeand TikTok. This is explained primarily by the fact that popular social networks have a large user traffic and can provide a variety of content formats. The main thing is to feel the interests of your audience, their mood, to keep the right balance between the volume of texts, videos, images, and various types of content.

    The main reason that inspires people to become an influencer is not just desire to be popular, but a will to make some good money. As a blogger you’re always looking for different ways to improve your content and attract more followers. Because once you build a community around your blog with loyal and established followers – you can monetize it and make money from your content.

    And there is one non-obvious reason to become an influencer and a master of opinions: when you have your own loyal audience you have a privilege to be heard and be respected. No company, shop, car retail or even a small coffee house will allow you a bad customer service. Because they all are afraid of negative feedback that can be bad for their reputation. That’s why bloggers and influencers always get the best.

    There are a few rules that can help you to build a community with paywall:

    – Optimize your content

    – Generate new ideas

    – Improve your visual

    – Understand your audience

    And last but not least — choose the right platform. There are so many platforms that can help you to build a paywall community. Each of them has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you.

    Fanzoone can be your best helper in monetizing your blog, creating a community with similar interests, share your creativity with followers and built your own brand. This social media platform is suitable for beginners just like for influencers with established audience. We provide you more than 15 ways to build and monetize your blog just in one app.

    only 1.4% of creators earn over $1 million annually from their content. There is a wide income gap among the creators and we can help to solve this problem through our platform. But we need you to shoot interesting high-quality content, be in touch with your audience and be ready to show your patience and persistence.

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