Benefits can be both direct and indirect. But the topic of direct benefit is interesting in itself for those who already have, and those who just create, and those who are still thinking about becoming a blogger. Blogging is the perfect freelance job because you can do it on your own time, you can work from anywhere, and you can build it into your lifestyle.

    Monetization in social media is one way to increase profits and generate income not only from sales, but also from content. In social networks, you can find a paying audience and attract leaders or brand partnerships that can be suited to you and your content.

    Social networks have been developing in sales for many years and even offer special methods of conducting online business, so basing on these facts we tried to explore the possibilities of each individual platform. It is interesting and useful to take into experience and lifehacks of other platforms.

    Fanzoone can help you not only in creating community, but also in monetizing your content and start making real money. That’s why we made our platform helpful for creators by exploring any possible ways and methods of monetizing. We provide our users with many different ways to monetize any type of content, products and etc.

    1. Donations

    Get a one-time donation under any type of your content from a subscriber or someone who hasn’t subscribed for you channel yet. You can get a donation on news, stories, videos, streamings, on posting any type of you own content, or just for existence of your channel on our platform.

    If your blog offers something helpful to your readers, they are more likely to throw a little money in the pot. It’s a mutual thing: you give to them, they give to you. If your blog site typically offers free downloads, that only increases that feeling of giving back for them.

    2. Subscriptions

    Create an exclusive publication for those who pay to receive paid content. This will be useful to gather a community of fans in your group and share an extra content with them. Or you can close access to your channel and make it for subscribers only. You can set a subscription price and control the cost based on the content you create and share.

    3. Pre-roll and mid-roll advertising

    Even if you do not have advertising offers or brand partnerships, we will share the revenue from internal advertising on the platform such as pre-roll or mid-roll, banners and etc.

    4. Ticket market

    If you’re holding a concert, stand-up show, theatrical performance, blogger fan meeting, or any other type of event, all you have to do in Fanzoone is just create an event. We will take care of ticket sales, counting of guests and moreover, we can choose and organize the location for you.

    5.Online and offline market

    The benefit of social media is that it’s global in scope. Even if you are an individual entrepreneur working from home, being on social platform will help you to find customers all over the world. Make sure you’re publishing interesting and original content to attract the audience. Achieve a long-term interest from your subscribers.

    The longer the user has been subscribed to your profile, the higher is the probability of him buying yur products.

    From lead generation to educating your prospects, blog posts are an excellent, effective and economical way of driving your business forward suggesting that it should lead an integral role in your overall blog business plan, too.

    Blogging is a way to build meaningful relationships with your future customers while they’re still in the process of learning about your product.

    Sale your online and physical products: merchandise, handmade items, books, songs, arts and etc. As for your offline products sales all you need is them to be in stock. In Fanzoone you can also sale your products via live broadcasts and stories.

    6. Online Courses

    Online learning is a huge industry that will grow exponentially over the next years. Those who have already tracked this trend are beginning to put their efforts into creating training courses for their target audience.

    If you are an expert in any educational or useful area and want to share your knowledge and skills with your subscribers, Fanzoone will help you to advance your course, which you can create on the basis of our platform.

    You don’t have to care about promotion – in Fanzoone we will do it for you.

    7. Sponsored content

    You can be partner or an ambassador of any brand and create a sponsored content to earn income from those partnerships. You can choose a brand you’re already working with or we in Fanzoone can help you to connect with brands.

    8. Exclusive

    • Meet & greets and congratulations

    If you want meet with your subscribers all you have to do is share this information on Fanzoone and sale it to any of your subscribers. Same works with exclusive content: such as birthday congratulations people can buy for their relatives and friends in Fanzoone.

    Our platform provide you to offer one-on-one personal chats with fans for a fee.

    9. A few unique monetization methods that we are preparing before release of our platform

    We continue to improve our platform and look for ways to make it better and helpful for our users. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and get the first glimpse of our latest developments.

    Make sure you subscribed to our blog and don’t forget to share our articles!

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