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    Instagram is presently the world’s largely used social media site, with over 1 billion monthly users. Instagram has evolved into a fantastic way to build your business, in addition to connecting with friends and posting photographs from your life.

    An interesting fact is that Instagram is now an excellent way to grow a following, whether you’re an influencer, a brand manager, or a business owner. Individuals and brands are shifting their business decisions to social media, which now has around 3.5 billion active users.

    Although everyone wants to expand their Instagram account quickly, it is a challenging feat. As per a recent study, 52.35% of Instagram followers have less than 1,000 followers, according to Mention. With 37.41% of Instagram users, the next largest sector is those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers. Only about 10% of Instagram profiles have more than 10K followers.

    Interesting Statistics about Instagram

    As per the study conducted, the following are the conclusions that are drawn with regard to Instagram- Instagram is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes per day on the platform, compared to the time spent on Facebook, ie 58 minutes. Instagram is the platform where 83% of users claim that they discover new products and services. Every day, around 500 million people use Instagram Stories. Every day, over 100 million Instagram photographs and videos are shared. Instagram video posts are ones that are more likely to be appreciated, recommended & engaged with.

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    Now, mentioned below are some tips and tricks, as per the study, on how to grow your Instagram faster-

    Schedule Posts

    When we say, grow your Instagram, the main thing which is mainly referred to is increasing the followers count. To increase the followers count, focus on the aesthetics of your feed, and create content of high quality. However, simply writing and creating content isn’t enough; you must also work on improving & growing your techniques. Consider using an Instagram scheduling tool to plan your posts ahead of time and lay down your Instagram strategy on auto-pilot. Scheduling your posts can help you in engaging more with the Instagram audience, thereby helping in increasing the followers count.

    Prioritise Quality, Not Quantity

    According to some sources, you should post on Instagram one to three times per day; nevertheless, this may not be the ideal strategy for you. While brand recognition is beneficial, hyper-frequent postings may be perceived as spam by your prospective followers, who may begin to abandon you. Second, if you start publishing multiple times per day and then slow down, your target audience’s user engagement rates may drop. If you can not provide your audience with high-quality images every day, upload less frequently. It’s always advisable to share a few strong-quality photos every week rather than a lot of poor-quality content. You may also use Instagram advertisements to promote your high-performing posts, with a call-to-action to visit your profile and then your website.

    Instagram Stories-The Obvious Benefit

    Instagram began as a photo-sharing social media platform, but it has already expanded well beyond that. Every day, 500 million new stories are created throughout the world. Despite the fact that stories only endure 24 hours, their influence lasts much longer, especially with the most popular stories, which you can place in your profile highlights and allow visitors to play over and over. Of course, stories can be in the form of a photo, but for better engagement, we recommend using videos. If you are unable to shoot or edit clips, make use of the tools accessible to you. As part of your Instagram marketing strategy, you should also plan on posting Instagram Reels, live videos, and IGTV videos.

    Stand out with your own Hashtags

    Hashtags aid in the formation of a community by bringing individuals together who share interests in common. The appropriate hashtag might help you reach a wide and targeted audience with your image, video, or Instagram story. Many firms are generating their own hashtags and urging customers to use them — #JustDoIt, #ImLovinIt — we all are aware of what they mean. I understand that persuading others to use your hashtag and start following you may be challenging, but how about starting with smaller groups?

    Socialize & Comment on Other Profiles

    Don’t forget that Instagram is a social networking platform where you may meet new people and engage with others who have similar interests to you. Start with a bunch of photographs relevant to your profile theme, for example, if you’re showing a healthy lifestyle or fractional nutrition, seek others who are talking about it. Leave comments on other people’s blogs, congratulate them, or express your own thoughts on the subject. And never forget to take a sneak peek in your personal inbox and comment section.

    Create a Unique Grid

    Visual communication has a lot of power. Don’t underestimate it. Customers recognize a product first by its logo or color choice when it comes to displaying a brand. If we see a soft drink with a red label on the bottle, we know it’s the well-known Coca-Cola. Make your Instagram grid uniform and aesthetically appealing by following the same steps. An additional tip is to put some phrases on a single-color background or use the same object in every third or fourth photo in the row.

    An Appealing Instagram Bio

    Utilize your Instagram bio to its full potential because it will be many people’s first engagement with your brand, you must ensure that it stands out from the competition. Your Instagram handle is not sufficient. You should be precise and succinct about what your business does on your business account and include keywords that are related to your brand or business so that visitors understand exactly what you’re all about.

    Another tip is to use a tool like LinkGallery, a new product from the famous URL shortener, Rebrandly- to route your visitors to several locations from a specific node.

    This year, there are a variety of strategies to expand your Instagram presence. Consider the style and general appearance of your profile, and ensure that you publish often and that the stuff you offer is useful to your fans. Use Instagram hashtags and geotagging to expand your audience.

    Make it easy for others to locate you and see your key interests and themes that are relevant to your personal branding. On social media, collaborate with other influencers and brands. Other accounts can increase your visibility through shoutouts, promotions, and freebies.


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