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    TikTok continues to be a powerful platform for influencer marketing.

    As we look ahead, one thing is certain: TikTok will remain a crucial part of the creator economy.

    Based on internal research conducted by Viplink AI, we have identified four key elements that will define influencer marketing on TikTok this year.

    1. Brands are recognizing the importance of centering their ads around creators.

    They understand that engaging TikTokers throughout the campaign, from strategy to content development, leads to genuine and impactful results.

    2. We are witnessing a broader adoption of TikTok influencer marketing across various sectors.

    Beyond traditional industries like beauty and fashion, more brands are leveraging the platform’s potential. The gaming sector, for instance, offers significant prospects with strong engagement rates on creators’ content.

    3. Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly focused on performance.

    Brands are measuring their strategies and achieving tangible outcomes. By partnering with Viplink AI creators and paying solely for views, brands can save up to 85% of their budget, while providing quantifiable benefits and a clear return on investment.

    As we eagerly embrace the opportunities that 2023 presents, we are here to help you stand out on TikTok.

    We automate your branded video generation saving hundreds of hours. Book a call with our team here

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