7 Ways Alexander the Great was the Original ‘Influencer |  by Hourglass History |  July, 2023

    There is an intrinsic allure in the idea of ​​influence — of leaving an indelible imprint on the grand tableau of human existence. It’s a concept that, though wrapped in the trappings of the digital age, finds its roots in the depths of our history. Today, we’re going to venture into the annals of time to acquaint ourselves with one such figure, a pioneer of influence, who left not just footprints but a veritable trailblazing path in his wake: Alexander the Great. In his life and times, we find the elements that have come to define modern influence.

    1. Visionary Leadership: One of the hallmarks of influence is the power to inspire, to ignite passion, and mobilize collective action. It is here that Alexander shines as a timeless influencer. Ascending the throne at the tender age of twenty, he led a nation, transforming the motley forces of Macedonia into a formidable army that would carve an empire stretching from Greece to India. Alexander had a clear vision, one of global unity under his rule. His leadership transcended traditional norms, uniting various tribes, cultures, and nations under a single banner. This exemplifies the power of visionary leadership, of leading with a purpose that resonates, of inspiring shared visions — a key trait of every modern influencer.
    2. Global Impact: The true measure of an influencer lies not just in the breadth of their audience but also in the depth of their impact. Here, too, Alexander set a precedent that remains unmatched. His military campaigns and diplomatic efforts led to cultural exchanges and fusion between East and West, shaping the course of history. This ‘Hellenistic Age’ witnessed the proliferation of Greek culture, language, and ideas across the known world, a truly global impact. It serves as a potent reminder that real influence stretches beyond borders, sparking changes that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries.
    3. Charismatic Persona: From his flowing locks to his piercing gaze, Alexander exuded an aura of charisma that captivated friend and foe alike. His persona, infused with elements of mystique and grandeur, held a magnetic appeal. There are tales of his persuasive power, of his ability to inspire loyalty and devotion, often leading his men from the front, sharing their hardships, and instilling in them an unwavering faith. This charismatic persona, this power to captivate, lies at the heart of modern influence.
    4. Master Storyteller: Alexander was not merely a conqueror; he was a storyteller. He understood the power of narrative, often aligning his actions with prophetic omens and legendary tales. His visit to the Oracle of Siwa, where he was purportedly confirmed as the son of Zeus, or his untying of the Gordian Knot, a task deemed impossible, are but a few examples of his flair for dramatic narratives. These stories amplified his image, making him not just a king, but a figure of myth and legend. Modern influencers, too, understand this power of storytelling, weaving narratives that resonate with their audience.
    5. Innovative and Adaptive: The world of influence is constantly evolving, requiring a spirit of innovation and adaptability. Alexander excelled in this regard. Faced with formidable challenges, be it the impregnable city of Tire or the mighty Persian forces, Alexander consistently demonstrated ingenuity. His military tactics, strategies, and adaptability in various situations made him not just a successful general, but an influencer who could navigate change and inspire innovation.
    6. Emotional Intelligence: Alexander’s influence wasn’t just a product of his military prowess, charisma, or storytelling skills. It was also a testament to his emotional intelligence. His ability to understand, empathize, and connect with diverse cultures, religions, and people was a cornerstone of his rule. He adopted local customs, respected different religions, and even integrated foreigners into his army. This emotional intelligence, this ability to forge connections and respect diversity, is a crucial trait of a modern influencer.
    7. Defying the Status Quo: At the heart of every influencer is the audacity to challenge norms, to defy the status quo. Alexander was no stranger to this audacity. He dared to dream of an empire unlike any before, shattering the conventions of his time. Whether it was his ambition to conquer the world or his innovative fusion of cultures, Alexander consistently challenged the norms, pushing boundaries in pursuit of his vision. This defiance, this audacity, is the lifeblood of modern influence.

    As we dissect the life of Alexander the Great, of his triumphs and trials, of his ambitions and achievements, it becomes evident that he was an influencer in the truest sense. His influence stretched beyond borders, transcending time and culture, leaving an indelible impact on the canvas of history. And in this tale of influence, we find lessons, timeless and relevant, a blueprint for modern influencers to follow. It’s a testament to the enduring power of influence, a reminder that the true influencer does not merely inspire, they shape the course of history, much like Alexander the Great did in his time.


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